Dr. Theodoro Pluciennik Prize

The Theodoro Pluciennik Prize was a NEPAIDS/USP initiative aimed at individuals or groups dedicated to people living with HIV/AIDS.

The prize consists of a sum of money to a professional/group who is leading some activity with people living with HIV/AIDS that results in improvement in their quality of life. The prize is given in a ceremony on December 1st, the World AIDS Day.

The purpose of NEPAIDS is to award this professional or group by acknowledging his work so that it will be a reference to other people who are facing the same challenge. Therefore, the amount of money must be used to report, publish and disseminate the work.

The Theodoro Pluciennik Prize allows anyone to participate in their field of activity. The result of the prize, as well as the fund raising activities events are widely announced before, during and after December 1st, the World AIDS Day.

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