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The Núcleo de Estudos para a Prevenção da AIDS (Nucleus for AIDS Prevention Studies – NEPAIDS) brings together researchers, professors, under and post-graduate students, and workers from the public sector and NGOs. Our main goals are to analyze the epidemic trends and to produce innovative technologies to prevent HIV primary infection or AIDS.

Constituted in 1991, the Nucleus has been focusing on disseminating updated information and conducting researches based on the notion of vulnerability in its social, programmatic and individual aspects. The activities of dissemination and research training are committed to promote citizen autonomy among participants, stimulate the debate over research ethics and the educative or care-oriented encounter as well as the human rights promotion. By focusing on the social symbolisms towards AIDS, we have worked to mitigate prejudices, stimulate the democratic respect at different beliefs and sexual orientations, thus facilitating the development of singular responses in everyday life in the age of AIDS.

The researches and initiatives, from epidemiological studies to the development of new technologies of communication and health promotion have focused young people (at schools and in diverse settings), individuals living with HIV/AIDS (youth, men and women, adults and elderly), and people institutionalized, living in poor communities and stigmatized by their black skin color or their sexual orientation.

The Nucleus comprises a basic structure that articulates scholars of University of São Paulo (School of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Psychology, School of Arts and Communication, School of Philosophy, Languages and Social Sciences of Ribeirão Preto) and of private universities (PUC-SP, UNICSUL), in collaboration with researchers from US universities (UCSF, Columbia and Harvard). The projects have been financed by the Ministry and Secretary of Health, FAPESP (The State of São Paulo Research Foundation) and CNPq (National Council for Research and Technology Development), private foundations (MacArthur, Ford, FHI, WAF), and foreigner universities. Besides this homepage, we have edited books, support material and organized university extension and research methodology courses.

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