Dr. Theodoro Pluciennik Biography

Graduated in Medicine at USP in 1971, Theodoro Pliciennik became a psychiatrist and psycho-dramatist. He was a pioneer in the fight against AIDS and an advocator in NGOs and in the gay movement. He helped to found and was the director of GAPA in which he coordinated the first group to visit AIDS patients in their households.

In 1987, he was part of the first group of professionals that constituted the Centro de Referência de Treinamento de AIDS (Specialized AIDS Reference Center) of Brazil, in the city of São Paulo. He was in charge of organizing the mental health unit that he coordinated for four years. In this period, he planned, organized and held trainings in the whole country.

He was a founding member of NEPAIDS and co-author of the book “In the Age of AIDS”.

Always optimistic, with a good sense of humor and a cooperative spirit, he became a reference to many professionals. He was joyful and lived peacefully. He has donate a lot of his time, energy and creativity to the psychotherapy with people with HIV/AIDS as he believed this work could heal the pain and improve these people’s quality of life.

Theodoro passed away in 1995 and is missed by all. His memory is a stimulus to everyone who had the pleasure to be in the company of such a singular character.

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